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Crossways Character Spotlight - Jaysen

It's 2:30 in the morning as I write and schedule this post. I have work today. But I rediscovered my kindle yesterday and proceeded to read all day. And my mom decided to clean my brother's room yesterday. It was fun.

Anyway. I'm here for the blog tour of The Crossways by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke, which is an amazing book that released today, and if you haven't read it's prequel Creighton Hill, you are really missing out in life. I'm doing a character spotlight thing. Um, let me just tell you about the book first.

About the Book

“M’lady, it has been fairly well confirmed that the Redona was hidden away by the merfolk at the conclusion of the Great War instead of destroyed as was commanded. My brother has confirmed to me Joseph’s belief that it was concealed at the Crossways.”
Toarna pressed her fingertips together in thought. “It must be recovered and destroyed as was at first intended.”

Emily, Allan, Jill, and Joey have been reunited with their long lost ancestors. But with that reunion comes the true beginning of their quest: free the rightful king of Calhortz so that he may be restored to his throne. The Redona, the only object that can free him from his long imprisonment, is rumored to be concealed in The Crossways, a mountain across the sea which cannot be entered.
A slave since birth, Adriel’s resentment and hatred towards the strytes only grows as his family is continually ripped from him. He longs for the freedom the Time Captives are prophesied to bring, but he doubts their existence, just as he doubts God’s love. Circumstances in Calhortz are so dire. How could they ever improve?
Who can enter The Crossways? Will the king ever be freed? Or will the slaves of Calhortz lose all hope of freedom before it is even offered to them?

The Crossways is the second book of the Time Captives trilogy, a tale of faith, family, fantasy, and a fight for truth and freedom.

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Morgan Elizabeth Huneke is a homeschool graduate who lives in Georgia. She has enjoyed creating characters and writing stories since early childhood. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and violin, and politics. She is the author of Across the Stars and The Experiment.

You can connect with Morgan on her websiteblogFacebookTwitterGoogle Plus, and Pinterest.

And now the spotlight. This was actually one of my favorite characters in the book, though minor, I really wanted to get to know more of his story - though I have hopes of doing so in the final book of the trilogy. I generally identify with the oldest children in books, probably because I'm one myself.

Character Spotlight: Jaysen

Appearance: Tall and broad-shouldered, muscular, with a dark tan and brown hair and eyes.

Age: 18

History: Jaysen was born a slave on Tuvya and Jardeena’s plantation. He is the oldest of six children, and Adriel’s older brother. When he was thirteen, he was sold to become a gladiator. By the time of The Crossways, he has become a trainer.

Author’s Notes: Jaysen was an interesting character to develop, thankfully one of the easy ones. Actually, Adriel’s entire family was easy, and every one of them is different. My sister and I enjoy comparing and contrasting Jaysen and his next oldest sister Ariela. Because they are quite unique.

Jaysen definitely fulfils the role of a bossy big brother. He wants the best for his siblings, and he wants them to do the right thing, but the way he tries to make that happen is by trying to control them. He tends to give lectures, too. I like Jaysen, a lot, but at the same time, I can understand why Adriel never really got along with him. Adriel doesn’t like to be controlled, and Jaysen tends to control. It was an interesting dynamic to work with, and I’m excited for Jaysen to meet the world.


You can check out more of the tour on the author's blog, here.

And you will be hearing more from me about this book, because it's a really good book, especially after I tore it to shreds this summer.  *coughcough* I was on the rebound from editing WPFP, so my beta read of the story turned into an edit. But, then, by beta style has always been edits-heavy.

Also there's a giveaway! 


Join in the excitement of Time Captives and enter to win a special prize! The first prize winner will receive a signed copy of The Crossways. The second prize winner will receive an eCopy of The Crossways in the eBook format of his/her choice. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.


  1. I still need to read Time Captives . . . but I do have it on Kindle now, so there's a step in the right direction.
    Also: in answer to the question in the giveaway thing, I would die.

  2. Thanks for helping with my blog tour, Kendra! Maybe Jaysen needs his own book too...

    1. Let's just agree that every character needs their own book and that there will never be enough time for all of them.


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