Monday, December 1, 2014

Character Encounter - December 2014

Okay, I guess we can all agree that Middle Earth is far too intimidating a place for a Character Encounter, since not even I managed to get mine up. (Though I did get over sixty thousand words written ... my goal had been seventy-five ... but this last week, I've been down with a nasty respiratory infection, and it just drained the words out of me, otherwise, I should have succeeded.) I'm also been working hard at the editing of Kingdom so I can send it out to beta readers.

It's December, Christmas time. I have all of my Nutcrackers arranged around my room, I'm wearing sparkly Christmas socks, and I just discovered that I can use my Amazon Prime account to listen to Christmas music. The only reason I'm not drinking hot chocolate is the fact that my throat is sandpaper from all the coughing I've been doing, so I'm drinking throat coat tea instead. I thought about eating a candy cane, but they have a tendency to get my keyboard messy while I'm typing.

So I need to choose a nice Christmasy location for this month's CE, only ... I've already done Narnia, which would be the obvious choice. Hum ... No, I'd rather not retry Middle Earth ... not this soon at least. Let me go take a tour of my bookshelf and see if anything hops out at me.

Alright, I'm back! I've got the perfect place for ya'll!

This month, you get to meet your character in ...


Wait! You cry! That's not Christmasy! you cry. Hang on a moment, let me explain. You see, one of Baum's other books was about the origin of Santa Clause (my favorite theory, by the way. It's just so magical! And this Santa Clause visits Oz in the fourth book in honor of Ozma's birthday. (One of my favorite books)

So, that established, go forth and encounter.

Also, just a heads up, you have until Christmas to get your reviews up of Take so that you can get to Beta Kingdom. Oh, and if you're interested in winning a paperback copy, you can post a list of predictions. Come on! It'll be fun!

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