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Let It Go - ROCKS edition

I was doing such a good job of blogging every day for the first week and a half of December. What happened?

Oh, that's right. Water Princess, Fire Prince happened. I've been focusing on that, to push through and just get done with the story. Yeah, I'm at that point. I can smell the done, and now my brain is shutting down and telling me it doesn't want to write anymore.

So I've been powering through, making myself write at least 2,000 words a day. I managed 10,000 over the weekend. I maybe have 10,000 left to go. That's about three or four chapters the way I write them. I know where I'm going. I've got draft 1 right beneath my computer. (I have done some direct copying, I'll admit, but not much). I've reached the part of the story that I've written since The Ankulen. (How do I know this? Handwriting. My Words Per Page went up while writing TA.) In fact, I think I'm working on what has been written this year.

I can smell the done. I just need to get there. I've got a caramel candy bar waiting for me in my purse.

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Anyways, on to the topic of my post. A couple months ago, the Beautiful People was themed villains, and I did Roxanne, who isn't the antagonist, but she is a villain. Complicated, but that's the world she lives in.

One of my readers commented on the post and said that Roxanne reminded her of Elsa, which after half a moment of reflection, I completely saw. There's a lot of "Conceal, don't feel" and "Let it go" in Roxanne's character arch.

Now, I'm not sure if you guys know this about me, but I have an odd obsession with rewriting songs. I've listened to several different rewritten versions of "Let it Go." Naturally, I'm going to rewrite the song.

For anyone just joining us, and who doesn't know the premise of this book, Roxanne has the superpower of Rock manipulation, and was typed as a villain by HaV Academy, which is the mandatory boarding school for all superpowered children in this world. Once they type you, you are assigned to a enemy, and sometimes a sidekick, and then they send you to some town or city where it is your job to keep the people distracted.

The context for this song would be the night when Roxanne first puts on the act of villain, the night she builds her lair. (Basically turning a previously flat field into an imposing mountain full of tunnels and torture chambers ... as she puts it.)

So, enjoy. I can't sing, but you guys know the tune, so I'm just going to give you the words.

The moon glows bright on this field tonight,
There's nobody to be seen.
The land will obey my bidding,
For guess what? I am its queen.
The earth is trembling as emotion builds inside,
Won't keep it in,
No more need to hide.

Don't let them know,
Can't let them see,
Be the civilian they expect of me,
Conceal, don't feel,
It's all a show -
 And now they'll know!

So let it go, let it go, 
Don't hold it back anymore!
Let it grow, let it grow!
That's the perfect place for a door!
'Cause here I stand,
Let the people say,
"She's the Villain now,"
'Cause ROCKS is here to stay.

It's funny how some freedom,
Makes my life before seem small.
'Cause the rules that once constrained me,
Don't apply to me at all.
It's time to see what I can do,
To test my limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
I'm free!!!

So let it go, let it grow,
Raise this mountain against the sky!
Let it stand, oh so grand,
While the people down there cry!
'Cause here I stand, and here I'll stay.
I'm the villain now ...

My power surges through this mountain all around.
My soul is trembling as I rearrange all this ground!
And one thought hardens like a diamond in my hand.
I never shall go back, I'm changing all the plans!

So let it stand, oh so grand.
And I rise at the break of dawn.
I am here, let them fear!
The civilian girl is gone!
'Cause here I stand, as night turns to day,
I'm the villain now.
ROCKS is here to stay.

(Elegant bow)

I've also been working on a "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" rewrite for her and William. I'll share it latter once I've gotten it all worked out.

And yes, she does sound a bit cruel in this song, but she has her mask on. That's how villains work in this world. Once she takes the mask off, she'll be back to her quieter self.


  1. I loved the peek into world-building and character-building in your post and in your song. I love the way you rewrote it to suit ROCKS. :) Way to go with your writing!

  2. One of our first dates ... your dad sang me a song he rewrote ... "I rewrite the songs that make the whole world cry, I rewrite the songs that make them lay down and die, .... I rewrite the songs, rewrite the songs" ... now if I could only remember what song he used for the tune.

  3. Cool! I can totally see her doing that...and that's just based on snippets I gleaned from your blog. Can't wait to meet Roxanne "in person." She sounds like an interesting character, and you already having me rooting for her to sort out her issues and get her a Happy Ending. :-D
    Don't suppose there's any way to work this song into the actual story...?

    I've also re-written "Let It Go," only it's a reprise--a duet between her and Anna, countering all the negative things Elsa told herself in the original. If I can ever get back to blogging (Lord willing), I'd really like to post it on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless, and happy writing,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

    1. Alas, but I believe "Let it Go" is copywrited. Besides, singing isn't really part of Roxanne's character. Don't worry, this scene will be brilliant even without the song.

  4. Yeah, didn't think so. Aw well, it makes for good blogging, wot? ;-)

  5. I love your song re-writing talent, what a fun talent to have!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings
    Enter my blog birthday giveaway!

  6. This is soooo cool!! I love it when people rewrite lyrics to really popular songs. I saw someone "rewrite" the Let It Go lyrics all writerly. It was so awesome. hehe. But I digress! I love yours! The words go so smoothly with the tune (singing it in my head like a boss, lol) XD


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