Friday, January 31, 2014

The Author's Commentary Announcement!

Okay, earlier I mentioned that I was thinking of stealing an idea from Anne Elizabeth Stengl. Actually, I was more than thinking about it.

Over the course of February, I'm going to post my commentary on Sew, It's a Quest. It's a twenty-seven chapter book, and since February has twenty-eight days, I'll have one day of grace.

And since February is such a festive month for me, I'll be doing a few giveaways. I haven't figured them all out yet, but I do know that it'll involve my point system, and I'll be giving away TWO physical copies each of the three books that have Bookania in them, three each of PDF, and alpha reading of Kingdom and the two short stories. I may or may not come up with a few more prizes over the course of the month (including, possibly, a prop dagger off amazon ... and an embroidery project of mine if I can find it ... if not, maybe a crocheted quiver ...)

HOWEVER, since there will be multiple prizes, and some will be obviously be juicier than others, your points will serve a dual purpose. Not only will they function as per usual and be entries into the proverbial hat, but they'll also serve as goal posts. Everyone with a even a single point will have that point entered to win a PDF of the short story collection, but you'll have to have at least five to enter for a PDF of Sew, and seven for Take. And so on and so forth. No, I'm not going to tell you what the milestones are. I'm not sure of all of them myself, frankly. I'll let you know, however, that some of the juicier prizes may take well over a hundred points. Possibly two or three hundred ...

Okay, okay, before you start screaming and/or moaning over how in Bookania you're going to get over a hundred points, let me explain what things will get you them.

First of all, at the end of chapter commentary, I'll post two to five discussion questions. You won't be required to answer them, but for every one you do, it will give you a point. Also, you'll be allowed to ask ME questions about anything Bookania-related, and if I answer it in a post, it'll be a point for you.

Second, doing stuff on your own blogs/facebooks/youtube channels/whatever else you have can get you points. Any Bookania book review will receive five points - plus an extra point for every additional place you post it. Sharing my posts on twitter and facebook will be a point each time (limit one point per post per social site), just make sure you email me links to these posts (or tag me in them) so I can keep track of them. (

Third, be my fangirls. I know it's presumptuous of me and all that ... but hey, it's my birthday. Her's where you can get creative. Write up a post on your favorite Bookania character and I'll give five points. Dress up as them, and I'll give five more.  Draw fan art or make fan graphics and you'll get even more points! Put on a Bookania skit and email me the script and some pictures (unless, of course, you want to post them on your blog) and I'll add twenty points. Post your predictions for what will happen during Kingdom. Write Bookania-themed poetry ... write a fanfic! Yes folks, for this month only, I'm giving you permission to write your own (short) adventure in Bookania. Just make sure you include a disclaimer and that you be aware that I may or may not steal your idea - though I will make sure credit is given where credit is due.

And folks, if you think of any other means by which you could earn points, feel free to ask! I'll be more than happy to add them if I like them.

Oh, and don't forget to take that button up there and put it on your blog (just make sure you link it to that post  - I still haven't figured out how to make the nice linkies with code boxes like the one on the side of my screen that Jessica made. Don't forget to check out that giveaway, too! There are some pretty good books in that collection - including my own!)

(Oh, and I hope to be back at least twice more today with the Character Encounter link-up - I've got a pretty cool setting this month - and a cover reveal for a friend!)


  1. Oooo pretty new blog.
    Looking forward to Character Encounters!
    And what you have in store for this next month. I'm re-reading Sew, It's a Quest right now... and guess what? I even have a giraffe bookmark to use! I realized that last night and was like, yes. Yes, I think I shall use this bookmark.

    1. Post a picture of you reading them on your blog, and I'll give you three points - and a bonus one if you include the giraffe bookmark!

  2. Ooh... sounds like so much fun! I might take you up on the fanfic... I need to go back and reread some of Sew and Take, I think...

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Cool! Since you don't have a blog, you can email it to me and I'll post it for you, if you do write one and you'd like me to!

  3. Oohh!! Sounds exciting!! I'll have to make sure I'm here for all of this!! :D

    By the way, Kendra, did you get my email? Just checking to make sure it got to where it needed to...

    1. Yes, I have. My internet is giving me fits at the moment, however, so I haven't been able to pull up the browser tied to my own Amazon account. (My default is tied to my mom's). I'll get it to you soon, though!

  4. For the Giveaway on Jessica Greyson's Blog:
    I already follow your blog under the name Michaela.


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