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The Most Wonderful Person in the World?

Anne-Girl over at Scribblings of my Pen and Tappings of my Keyboard just released her newest book, Queen Mother, free to read for anyone who wants to. Naturally, I have read it, and it's really good. A few rough spots still, and it didn't end quite how I wanted it to, but it was a wonderful story nonetheless, nice and twisty, and heartstring-pulling ...

Now, in honor of the release of this lovely little story, she has issued a tag. Not just any sort of tag, but one about mothers. And not just any tag, but the mothers of our own writing. (does that make sense? I'll pretend it does.)

I have surveyed all of my lovely little stories, and realized that ... I have a LOT of mothers who I could answer questions about. Obviously there's Queen Charlotte of my Bookanias and Jen's mom ... but there are also mothers in my WIPs, Mrs. Liano of The Trilogy of Secrets, Daffodil and Petune of Infiltration, Queen Blanche of Half-Hidden, Clara's mom in Water Princess, Fire Prince, Mrs. Bigwig of Part of the Family, Queen Adelaide of Worth of a King, Shasta's mother in The Trilogy of One ... and that's only scratching the surface! Jane, Michelle, Sarah, Xially, Tante, the two mothers whose names I don't yet know in The New Division, Ilana, Rebicca, Roxanne, Lady Roxanne, Fiona, Tabitha, even Robin and Clara themselves! (Yes, I've worked with them as mothers. Quite interesting, actually.)

So you see, I've quite the selection of mothers, some of them better suited fo rher job than others, but all of them playing very important roles in the characters of their children, even if they only make cameo appearances in one or two chapters. (Which is pretty much what most of them do.)

Since I'm sure most of you want to hear more about Charlotte and Jen's mom, I'll do them. Oh ... wait a second ... there's a sword being pointed at my neck. Clara has just demanded I add her mother. Typical Clara.

So ... three moms. So I'll be bending the rules a bit ... so why not bend them a little bit more? Instead of just outright answering the questions, I'll let these lovely ladies answer the questions themselves. C, of course is Charlotte, E is Jen's mom, and I is Clara's. Sorry, I'm not quite ready to reveal the names of those two. I know what they are, but I don't feel like telling them.

And I don't have pictures of either C or E, but I do have one I drew of I.

And now you see where Clara gets her sword-love.

So, without further ado ...

Well a mother...a real mother, is the most wonderful person in the world.

1. What do you think she would think of the statement used as the title for this post? (Which I, Kendra, has copy-pasted above)

C: I suppose it's quite a sweet saying.
E: I agree whole-heartedly.
I: Not quite accurate. It should be "To BE a mother, a real mother, is the most wonderful THING in the world."

2. How many children does she have? What are their names? Ages?

C: A son and a daughter, Robert and Robin. They're twins and almost eighteen.
E: Jenifer is my only natural child, she's fifteen. But my husband and I also adopted a boy and a girl, Derek (who's sixteen) and Megan (fifteen). And then there were Chris and Tisha ... but they turned out to be Jen's imaginary friends. That was weird ...
I: *Snorts* I say it'd be. *sighs, and fingers a locket* I've just got my Clara. She's almost sixteen.

3. Could you say she "plays favorites"with her children? If she only has one what is her favorite thing about her child?

C: I do not play favorites.
Me: No, can't say that you do. You alienate both Robin and Robert equally.
E: I don't think I play favorites. I mean Jen may be my only natural daughter, but that doesn't make me love her any more than I do the others.
I: I ... only have Clara. I suppose my favorite thing about her is how eager she is to learn new things.

4. Would she adopt a child in need if she could?

E: Without hesitation! Having grown up in the foster system, I know how bad it can be. I wish I could adopt every motherless child there was ... but I suppose that isn't possible ...
C: I am a queen, I hardly have time for my own children. I would try to find a mother for the child, however.
I: I probably would, if it were offered, but I don't know ... I tried fostering for a few months, but couldn't handle it. Jane (an old friend of hers) said that some women can raise a child that's not hers, like E up there, but I'm evidently not one of them.

5. What does she consider her greatest accomplishment?

C: Becoming queen of Locksley.
E: Jenny getting her imagination back.
I: Ousting ... I mean, the day Clara bested me at swordplay. Sure we were only only doing single swords, and she hasn't quite mastered dual swords yet, but still! My baby's growing up!

6. If she could change one thing about the world what would it be?

C: I would find Charlene.
E: I would make sure all children have loving homes.
I: I would have not had that accident I had as a teen. I'm almost certain that's the reason I can't have any more children.

7. What was her favorite activity as a child?

C: Embroidery
E: Making up stories.
I: Swinging on the trapeze. That's actually part of how I fell in love with Clara's father.

8. Give this mother a theme song { cannot be "your mother and mine"}

Me: I ask that I may skip this question. My repertoire of songs is very scanty, and I therefore cannot think of any, even though I have been pondering this question for several days now.

9. If she could go one place where would she go?

C: I'm content with where I am. I have no desire to travel.
E: I'd like to go to Europe and visit some of the old castles. Either that or go spelunking.
I: I'd like to go to Rizkaland - I mean, that world that Kendra talks about my daughter going to sounds interesting, and as a mother, I would like to know about the places my daughter goes ...

10. Is there anything more important to her than being a mother?

E: Certainly not!
I: There's nothing better than being a mother.
*They both look at C expectantly*
C: I'm a Queen. I have many very important duties!
I: *rolls eyes* Oh, don't give me that one. Even when I was - I mean, even if I were a queen, I'd never place it above my children. Kids come first!

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