Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Delegate?

Why should we delegate authority? Is it because we need to teach those we delegate authority how to do what we delegate to them? Is it to make it easier on our parts? Is it so the cow can jump over the moon?

Okay, so the last reason is rather facetious. The cow doesn't have to jump over the moon, but the other two answers are legit. Mothers and Fathers and other people who are teaching skills and tasks delegate authority to teach their children and students how to do what they are delegating. Think about it, if you don’t delegate – and teach them how to do them when you first do so – how will they know how to do what you’re trying to teach them?

They won’t. And it’s the job of teachers and parents to make sure that their students and children learn how to be worthwhile adults. When we delegate, our students and children and other subordinate will learn what we delegate.

Also, when we delegate, there is less that we have to do, others can take care of it. If we delegate to others the less important stuff, we have more time and energy to take care of the more important stuff. And if we have more time to get the more important stuff done, everything will just run smoother. And that’s what counts, right?

Also, if we delegate authority, the ones we delegate the authority to will often rise up to the challenge we present them with and fulfill our expectations. People often do.

Therefore, we delegate authority for three basic reasons, to teach those subversive to us, to make things easier on us, and to make more responsible people of the ones we delegate authority to.

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