Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Santa

Now, I know that Santa doesn't exist and that we get presents at Christmas only through the grace of God, but Dear Santas seem to be the best way to word things like this.

The first thing I want is a Kindle. You see, I love my mom's for a few reasons - first, I can carry hundreds of books around with me anywhere I go and not break my back. Second, it has a read-aloud feature - although the Kindle for PC and the Kindle Mini do not - which enables me to read while I crochet or knit. Third, it's harder to skip around and read the end and not the middle. That might sound silly, but I have a very bad habit of skipping ahead and neglecting to read the middle with hard copy books.

Second, I would like the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum: OYAN. I got a trial version of it in the mail, and really liked the sample lessons, and would like to go through it - it will help my writing so much.

Third, I would like some money to buy craft supplies, like yarn and hemp. I have a GiraffeCrafts business, but my supplies are running out. There's only so much you can make out of mismatched yarns.

Fourth, I have a 15.6 inch laptop ... with no case. This summer, it hasn't been too bad carrying it around in a messenger bag, but the messenger bag is open top and thin, and therefore offers no protection from blows and the elements. I would like a purple case for my laptop. A purple skin would be nice, too, but not necessary.

Fifth, I have been into art of late, and I love colored pencils ... but my colored pencil collection - most of which were bought for me years ago - is starting to run out. My favorite colored pencils are Prang and Crayola. Not Roseart, though - Roseart colored pencils are nasty.

Sixth, I've been having issues with my laundry ending up in everyone's but my own laundry piles when my sister folds laundry. Therefore, I have decided to started doing all of my own laundry. However, in order to do laundry, I need a laundry hamper all to myself. I would like a nice tall purple laundry hamper.

Seventh, I'm going to be taking chemistry next year, starting right after Christmas. I need a nice chemistry set.

Eighth, I love calligraphy, but am running out of ink for my dip pen, and would like some more ink, especially bright colors. Something like this.

For more ideas, visit my wishlist.

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