Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Oak’s Story

I’m an old oak tree. I am the only one left of my age, let me tell you my story.
The first thing I remember is being pushed up through the soil. Unlike all the trees that have grown since then, I grew from the earth itself, not from a seed. I grew at the words of God himself. I grew fast, so fast that I was many, many feet tall in a mater of minutes! As my roots dug deeper into the soil, I realized that it was dry, not muddy, as one would expect for the water having only just being confined to the seas.
There was a warmth on my leaves that I later discovered was called light. There was no sun, for it came from God Himself. Its goldenness kissed my leaves as I began photosynthesis for the first time.
Don’t think I was alone! There were other trees, some taller than I am. There were flowers of all colors, blues, pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, and purple dotted the area all around me. Where there weren’t flowers or other trees, there bushes or grass.
The only sound around me was that of the wind in our leaves. There were no mice scurrying around my roots, and there were no birds singing in my branches. No animal had been created yet. On day three of creation, there were only us plants.
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8. Though most of their scales are burned away when they take on Hidden form, some remain in the form of armor, which they wear most of the time. They'll don other clothes when they enter a human village or town, however.

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