Saturday, December 4, 2010

Babel News

Babel news is a news station run by two brothers, Gether, and Enosh.

Gether: Hello folks, fellow laborers on our magnificent Tower. Today we are having a few, minor delays. It appears that a few people have started to talk nonsense. Let’s not, however let it stand in the way of our Tower. We’ve been at the jobs so long, of course we can just keep doing it without talking. I’ve managed to get here, even though everyone at the studio is talking funny. If you run into one of the oddballs who are insisting on talking weird, use sign language, isn’t that right, Enosh?

Enosh: Gether, I think you’re exaggerating a bit.

Gether: why, you don’t think it’s a problem at all?

Enosh: no, I think it’s a worse problem than you think. It isn’t just a few oddballs, almost everyone is talking funny. Don’t you remember why we’re building the tower?

Gether: sure, so we can survive a flood, should there be another one.

Enosh: Why did we have the first flood?

Gether: Because… because of global waterfalling, but we haven’t seen any abnormal signs of it.

Enosh: Because God didn’t like what the people were doing, remember?

Gether: no, global waterfalling.

Enosh: If God was strong enough to cover the whole earth with water, Don’t you think he could mix up our speech?

Gether: Oh no, I think we’re all out of time. Remember, if you can’t understand someone, use sign language!

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