Tuesday, November 24, 2009

car accident

Mom, Aunt Karen, Matthew, Joel, Esther, and LaRue were in a car accident this afternoon. They were hit by an 18-wheeller. I think they hit a pole 'cause they nocked out the electricity on the whole street. LaRue is in the most danger of all us. The truck driver is the one we are concerned about. They had a flight-to-life readdy to take him the moment they had him out. If he survives - well, he's going to get the blame, and probably loose his job.

They're taking LaRue to a bigger hospital. She's got a big bump on her head they're worried about. The car they were in was totalled. It got hit right where Joel was sitting. It's a miricle that's he survived as well as he did. Grandma took him to her house when they let him go with the instructions that she was to bring him back if he starts throwing up.

You know, this is a momentus occasion - Joel's finally been seen by a doctor.

I'm not sure what the conditions of Aunt Karen, Mattew, and Esther are.

We would appreciate prayers.

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