Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New sister

Last Tuesday, Mom went to her midwife appointment. No big deal, that's something she did every Tuesday. What was the big deal, however, was that it was taking a long time for her to get back and the two younger children Vannan, K, and I had been left with were starting to wake up from their naps. Since I was the only one who had Mom's cell phone number memorized, I was the one to call.

Mom told me that things were not looking good and that they were talking about a C-section. (She also told me to give the littles clay to keep them busy.) I sent Vannan to make pudding for snack while I kept an eye on the littles. And started packing my school stuff.

Not long after, Aunt K, who had driven Mom to the appointment, called. We needed to pack fast because Uncle S would be there soon (along with themselves) and would take us to the hospital. I took V off the pudding (thinking K would stay on it) and onto packing. We never got our snack. V wanted to know how I could be so calm, I told her I wasn't. I just knew how to pull myself together.

The two cars soon got there, and we started packing. Then Dad got here so we played fruit basket upset. Then we went to the hospital.

The doctor decided that he would keep Mom over night and attempt a VBAC (since mom had a C-section once) in the morning. Vannan doesn't like hospitals, Dad had some lessons to take for his new job, so guess who got to stay over night at the hospital? (other than Mom)


The hospital is not the place to get a good night's sleep.

Dad arrived the next morning (Vannan was with Grandma and Grandpa). They got Mom into labor and a bit later, V and Gma showed up.

To make long story short, Mom yelled alot, and I buried myself in the book I am writing. Dad said I ought to become a news reporter. I told him that what I was writting was worlds away and a diversion, not a focus. It did make the yelling abit quieter. (for me any ways)

My new sister was born at 2:19 on October 14. She weighed 7lb. 12oz. and was 19.75 inches long. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

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