Indie e-con GAMES!!

Who doesn't love a fun game? I certainly do!

Unfortunately, none of us have made a platform shootemup version of our books yet. (Working on it, though. Still on the first level for WPFP, but I'm working on it.) But a lot of us have quizzes, especially character quizzes.

First of all, Morgan Elizabeth Huneke has a few quizzes on her blog that you can take:
Calhortean Character Quiz
Time Captives Character Quiz

Now for the playbuzz quizzes that I can embed:

Let us know in the comments your results for any quizzes you take!

And there may be more quizzes appearing on the page as the e-Con progresses, so do check back!


  1. Grant, Thomas, Abigail, Laura, Megan, Serendipity, and Timothy. :)

  2. Rae, Thomas, Bethany, Laura, Chris, Shira and Jace.

  3. Ankulen quiz: I got Jen. Very fitting. :D
    Ilyon quiz: I got Liam, which I think is very accurate. He's one of my favorites. :D
    WPFP quiz: Clara. Not sure on that one, I don't feel very similar to her, but maybe I am!

  4. I didn't take the Time Captives quizzes, but I got Laura from Rizkaland (yay! :D), Megan from The Ankulen (I'm cool with that), and Marcus from Ilyon (which basically just legitimizes the crush I already have on him. and also Liam. but mostly him.).


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