Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Honor: A Book Release

It's been four years (well, ish, there was the rerelease of Kingdom containing book 3.5), but I'm excited to finally announce the next official release in the Bookania Quests.

Honor: A Quest In, hitting the shelves of your nearest Amazon this February 26th. And if you think that soon, I quite agree. Please ignore the noise of me screaming over here.

So, you may be expecting me to be announcing the sign-up for the blog tour. I mean, I'm the queen of the blog tour - don't even breath without setting one up, but...

I decided to do things a bit differently this go-round. See, I've given myself a very tight time-crunch for this release, and I've not found blog tours to be strictly successful with Bookania in the past.

Instead, starting now, I'm running a promotion party/giveaway here on my blog, to be culminated on February 26th, the day of the release, and the winner will be announced March 1st(ish.)

And the winner? Oh, they'll just be receiving a stack of all four Bookania Quests in the mail. Autographed copies, if they're in the U.S. (Yes, I'm opening this up international. Not sure at the moment how to do international shipping, but if someone international wins the stack, I will figure it out, I promise.)

But if you already have the previous three books in paperback? I'll let you substitute them out for WPFP+LDTD or The Seven Drawers+The Ankulen+The Worth of a King. Or you can wait until August, when I plan to realease Hair We Go Again. Sound good?

So, how are you going to earn entries to win this lovely stack of books? I'm thrilled that you asked.

First off, and a no brainer on this one - SHARE THE NEWS. Make sure that you're following me on Twitter and Facebook, and whenever I post something on either site, share/retweet it. You can create your own posts as well - sharing either the preorder link or this blog post. Make sure that you are tagging me (@Kendraeardnek on Twitter, or just mention Kendra E. Ardnek on Facebook) so that I get notified of your post. Each share is one entry.

POST THE COVER TO INSTAGRAM. You can grab any of the pics that I've put in this post (just click them to get them at full size, and then download them), or you can do something of your own using photoshop. Just have fun with this one, and make sure that you use the hashtag #honoraquestin so that I can find it. Conversely, you can also share your excitement by dressing up as any of the characters. Any picture posted - and you can do this up to once per day - is three points. 

BLOG POSTS. As I said, I'm not doing a blog tour, but I would love to see you blog about my latest release! I have three blog types that I will accept:
~Robin Hood Shoutouts - Basically, review any Robin Hood-themed book or movie that you have read/seen and loved (Except the Disney one - I saw that about thirty times too many a few years back, and I DO NOT want the songs stuck in my head again. I just got them out.) Make sure that you have it clear in your post that it is for promotion of Honor: A Quest In. This can be done as many times as you would like.
~Fill out the tag that I will be posting in a few days
~Interview any of the Bookania cast - just send me an email with questions for your character of choice, and I will shoot you back the answers for you to post on the day of release, Feb 26th. 
Any blog post is worth three points. Make sure you email me a link to your post as soon as it goes up, and I will be sharing the posts in a master list during the party.

REVIEWS. Existing reviews count - as long as it's for one of the Bookania Quests, including the two short stories. The initial review is worth 3 points, and any subsequent postings of it is worth another point (ie, if a review is on a blog AND Goodreads.) Let me know that the review was for the NEW editions (ie, the edited stories with their shiny covers), and that's worth yet another point. 

My email: kendraeardnek (at) gmail (dot) com.

LEAVE A COMMENT. Be it here on my blog, on my Facebook, on Instagram, YouTube, respond to my tweets - just as long as the post mentions Honor in some form or fashion. This DOES apply to back posts, so if you want to click on the "Honor A Quest In" tag on my blog, go through, and comment on EVERY single post - all the power to you. One point per comment. 

Bring me a baby...  Okay, that one's unrealistic, but I've been in a serious need of a baby fix, so if you haaaaaappen to have a squishy little one, and can manage to get to my area, well ... we can work out a deal???? (HEY, THIS IS RELEVANT. THERE'S A BABY IN HONOR.) (Three babies, actually) (Why is it that all of the babies in my life grew up and no one nearby has had any in forever? I mean, people that I feel confident enough to steal ask to hold their offspring?) (aaaaaaaanywho) 

INTERACT IN THE GOODREADS GROUP. That thing is deaaaad. So go revive it, and any comment you leave in any of the topics (provided that it is at least 30% on topic), is worth a point. 

MAKE SURE THAT HONOR IS ON YOUR GOODREADS TO-READ LIST. Just email me with the link to the shelf listing, and it's a point. While you're at it, add Hair as well, and I'll give you another TWO points. (Oh, and yes, you can Instagram Hair's cover as well, I'm not going to stop you. Yes, I know it's gorgeous.)

My email: kendraeardnek (at) gmail (dot) com.

PIN TO THE GROUP BOARD. Not a member of the group board? Just let me know that you want in, and I'll get you in so you can pin away. Each pin is a point.

PREORDER THE BOOK. Finally, but most importantly, run over to your nearest amazon and preorder a kindle copy. Then you can sit tight and wait for it to appear in your inbox. Email me the receipt, and I'll give you TEN WHOLE POINTS towards the giveaway. It's gonna be awesome. 

My email: kendraeardnek (at) gmail (dot) com.

My notebook is open and ready to receive the tallymarks to represent your points. I can't wait to see who wins. 

More posts are to come, including one with the tag and a chance for a review ARC, so hold on to your hats!


  1. I rarely read fantasy but this series is one of the tree that I've read, I'm super excited about Honor!

  2. So excited! Definitely going to try and enter this giveaway where I can ;d

  3. Yay, sounds fun! I will try to join in when I get a few minutes! :D

  4. I will try to do something! Your book looks good!

  5. Well, I'd offer to crochet you a baby...but it's just not the same, is it? ;-P

    Seriously, though, congrats on yet another book release, and hurrah! for another peek into the world of Bookania! *Confetti bomb* :-D


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