Tuesday, September 26, 2017


And lookie here - The Ankulen's new edition is out. I decided to go with just a reupload for this one, as it was merely a stiff edit, and there weren't any major changes. Well, I renamed a dragon near the end from Seawing to Seafoam, but that was it for changes.

The other reason that I chose to reupload was that I liked where the book was in its KDP enrollment - aka, reuploading meant that I could make it free now and still be able to run a Kindle Countdown come the Black Friday Sale.

Because did I mention that The Ankulen is currently free? Well, it is, and, again, this is mostly for the benefit of those who already own the book.

Quick bit of instructions for how to download the new edition.

1. Go Amazon.com
2. Find the tab that says "Hello, Your Name, Accounts & Lists." Hover your mouse over it.
3. From the menu that drops down, select "Manage Your Content and Devices"
4. Search for The Ankulen in your books.
5. Delete it from your library.
6. Repurchase the book. Because it's free.

And, as a friendly reminder, Sew, It's a Quest is still free. Becuase, you know, it's permafree.

And, as another friendly reminder, reviewing my books, and emailing me links to those reviews, counts towards points for the big giveaway...


  1. After a bit of annoyance with Amazon, I now have the new edition of The Ankulen. Yay!
    Out of curiosity, how long is The Ankulen up for free? (Also asking because I'm finally working on my Ankulen fanfic and it would be rather nice if I can say "Hey! The Ankulen is free! In celebration, have a fanfic!" Y'know.)

    Also, if I already reviewed Take, but then I created a different review for the new edition, can I email that to you and have it count as another review?

    1. Yeah, I'm fighting annoyance on my own account. It's free through Saturday.

      I'll let it count as another point, but not a full set of points.

  2. I deleted and re bought/downloaded it while it was free but it either didn't work or it's the same cover or something. *sad Deborah is sad* Stupid Amazon. XD Ohhh well. I did read it before, so... Ahem.

    1. :( I never got it to work for me, either, tbh.


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