Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Tour Of My Pinterest

A couple years ago, at least four or five, my mother excitedly told me of a new website she had discovered, where you could store pictures you found around the internet. I messed around with it, pinned a bookshelf bed I really liked, and wandered away.

I added a few pins over the next several months, but it wasn't until I discovered storyboards that I discovered Pinterest's true purpose. Since then, I've become a slight bit addicted to the website. I have fifty boards, at least of them Storyboards for my books, and over 8,000 pins. Pinterest is the only site where I have more followers than people I follow, 900 vrs. 600.

One of my fellow authors is hosting a "showcase your Pinterest" party, so of course, queen of pinterest that I am, I'm going to participate. This is for boards for specific stories, Storyboards, so of course, that's perfect for me. Let's begin.

I arrange my storyboards by size, starting with Rizkaland, the largest, working down to RPS, the smallest. I shall share the boards in inverse order so as to not overwhelm you.

(Please note that all numbers are as of the writing of this post and are liable to rapid growth at any given moment, thank you.)

RPS: (20 pins)

This is a story based of the idea "what if Rebellious Princess Syndrome was an actual disease that medieval princesses could catch?"

Features: Mostly pictures of princesses with swords, and appropriate quotes.

           Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: RPS on Pinterest.  

Poison Kiss: (35 pins)

This is the story inspired by Anne Elizabeth Stengle's Five Magic Spindles contest, and is based on the premise "what if the kiss and spinning wheel reversed roles?). At this point I'm not sure I'll have it done in time to enter it in the contest, but you will see it released next year.

Features: Pictures of Sleeping Beauty where she is a brunette, also some cats.

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League of Royals : (46 pins)

This story is based on a game that a friend, my sister and I did as kids. It's sort of an alternative earth where all countries (except America) have a monarchy. The Queen of Germany also takes regular trips to the fairy realm.

Features: War pictures. Fairy pictures. There really isn't a theme on this board.

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To Perfect a Fairy Tale: (48 pins)

What if all the fairy tales were messed up and it was up to one girl to fix them?

Features: A lot of fairy tale-related pictures. Dragons. Backpacks.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: To Perfect a Fairy Tale on Pinterest.  

Infiltration: (49 pins)

This is a story that is part Middle Earth, part research of the medieval period, and a bit of Left Behind influence. The basic idea is, "what if there was a physical mark so that Christians could tell whether someone was actually saved or not?"

Features: Mostly herbs. One of the main characters is an herbalist.

                Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Infiltration on Pinterest.  

Dragon Song: (52 pins)

This is the story of a girl who discovers she can ride unicorns, her songs hold power, and she's the main weapon in the war against the dragons.

Features: A lot of unicorns and dragons

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Dragon Song on Pinterest.  

Eternal Queen: (55 pins)

The Eternal Queen is her name because she does not die. Every fifty years, she disappears, only to return as a young child. One generation, she disappeared early.

Features: Quotes about queens, quotes about love.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: The Eternal Queen on Pinterest.  

No Refuge for a Princess: (59 pins)

The Isle of Refuge gives safety to all who find it. To all but its princess. She must learn the meaning of suffering before she can become its queen.
Features: Lots of dramatic pins.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: No Refuge for a Princess on Pinterest.  

Tales of Ooladada: (74 pins)

This is a co-write with my sister, and it features the two of us as main characters. It's a spin-off series of The Ankulen (I'll get to that one in a bit), so it involves a lot of imagination.

Features: Bookshelves, imagination, and jewelry

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Tales of Ooladada on Pinterest.  

Trilogy of Secrets: (93 pins)

This book is currently going through some premise evolution, so I'm not sure I can accurately describe it, It was inspired by Barbie's Swan Lake, though.

Features: Magic and swans. Some unicorns. Modest centaurs.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Trilogy of Secrets on Pinterest.  

Trilogy of One: (103 pins)

This is a book I stole from my mother. It's a fantasy adventure where a girl is hunting down the Nine Gems of Virtue, aka, the Fruits of the Spirit.

Features: Elves, feathered people, lots of color. This board is mostly geared towards worldbuilding, admittedly.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: The Trilogy of One on Pinterest.  

Cayra: (107 pins)

This is my only book based of a dream that I had. It's about a girl who discovers she can turn into a mermaid and breath underwater.

Features: Modest mermaids (mostly), and mermaid quotes

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Cayra on Pinterest.  

The Ankulen: (125 pins)

And now we're getting to my published books. The Ankulen is the story of a girl who lost her imagination as a child, and is now trying to get it back before it's completely eaten by the Polystoikhedron.

Features: Black and white pictures, pictures of imagination, more modest mermaids.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: The Ankulen on Pinterest.  

The New Division: (138 pins)

This book is a fantasy version of the period of and just past the book of Acts, focusing on what happened when God chose to accept all people after Christ's death, and the impact it had on the world.

Features: Elves, red leaves, red and blue moons.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: The New Division  on Pinterest.  

Jessica's Summer: (151 pins)

When Jessica discovers that she's the living embodiment of the season of summer, she's skeptical, but the world is out of balance and crumbling quickly, so she must learn to trust Winter and Spring as they hunt down Autumn and hope it isn't too late.

Features: Despite this being Summer's book, I'm usually pinning Winter on this board. There's a lot of Autumn, too.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Jessica's Summer on Pinterest.  

Mikida Chronicles: (154 pins)

This is a board that I share with my sister, as it is technically her series, though I am writing it. It's a sci-fi inspired by Star Trek, but with strong influences of fantasy.

Features: When I'm pinning - quotes about the moon, or pictures of glittery fairies. Both are incredibly relevant.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Mikada Chronicles on Pinterest.  

Fire and Song: (185 pins)

This is the story of a people who can turn into birds, and whose social standing is based on what bird they can shift into. The element birds are the rulers.

Features: Lots of firebirds, because that's what the main girl shifts into. She may also be the villain.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Fire and Song on Pinterest.  

HaV Academy: (259 pins)

We're now getting into my big boards. This is my only non-fantasy. It's a superhero boarding school dystopia.

Features: Lots of masks and quotes about villains.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: HaV Academy  on Pinterest.  

Worth of a King: (277 pins)

This is a cowrite with Jack Lewis Baillot. It's the story of twins who were separated at birth because their father was murdered that very day, and now they find themselves at the epicenter of a political war.

Features: Pictures of the twins, mostly.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Worth of a King on Pinterest.  

Half-Hidden: (383 pins)

I don't write books without dragons, but this one is the one where dragons are actually good. Many humans distrust them, and they've been hunted nearly to extinction. They can't die, instead taking a human form known as the Hidden.

Features: Dragons, dragons, more dragons.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Half-Hidden on Pinterest.  

Bookania Quests: (676 pins)

The hugest mashup of fairy tales you could ever ask for.

Features: Lots of fairy tale pictures, a few dragons, lots of girls with swords, and maybe some Robin Hood. Also, some pictures I drew.

               Follow Kendra E.'s board Storyboard: Bookania Quests on Pinterest.  

I think I shall save my final board for it's own post, however, since it holds nearly a thousand pins, and I'd like to talk about it in a bit of detail.


  1. I am in awe. I definitely do not utilize Pinterest to its fullest usefulness as an author. I try, but it's just not the way my brain works. Generally, my pinterest is full mostly of pictures I think are cool, and random nerdy quotes and memes that make me laugh or go, "YESSSSSS!" hahaha

  2. The last one must be WPFP. ;)

    How neat to get a little description of these! I followed the ones that most intrigued me, so I won't go into all that here. :P

  3. What a great idea for a blog party. It was fun to explore your pins! I can't wait to see the last one. :) I'm ashamed to say that I joined Pinterest not for the crafts, and not for the storyboards, but for the geeky, fan-made pictures. Also, for all the lovely pictures of trains.

  4. Wow! So many creative ideas, Kendra. :) Thank you for sharing about your stories and storyboards!


  5. My goodness, you have quite a collection of storyboards! I think my favorites are Poison Kiss and Worth of a King. Thanks so much for joining in the party!

  6. It was mainly because of your (and a few other cyber-friends') fascinating Storyboards that I finally broke down and joined Pinterest. ;-)

    QUOTE: "...I've become a slight bit addicted to the website."

    *Blush* Erm, yes, it can be rather addictive. I've always been very visual, so having collections of cool pictures was very appealing. It also really helps me imagine the characters better (my own and others').

    My favorite of your boards is Rizkaland, hands down; although the Land of the Fallen Rainbow, Dialcia (sp?), and Ooladada look like fun worlds to explore...someday.... ;-) Thanks for sharing!

    God bless, and Happy Writing!

  7. WOW! Queen of Pinterest, indeed! I am impressed.

    How cool you're thinking of entering the Five Magic Spindles contest too! One of my boards is for my entry for it too.

  8. I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award/Tag:


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