Monday, July 20, 2015

A Post of Randomosity

This is a picture I drew four years ago of 2-year-old Maryanne hiding under a hat. It was inspired by my baby sister, who was hiding under a Christmas gift sack.

I bought a stack of notebooks on Saturday, mostly for 17 cents apiece, though some were 50 or 75 cents. I love back to school sales.

I started writing Bookania #5 in one of them. Maryanne is so cute in that book. She keeps her parents on their toes.

I know, I need to write book 3.5 and 4 first, but 5 was the first one that I came up with after I wrote book 1, so I've been really looking forward to writing it and bringing Rapunzel into the story.

I have some interesting twists with Rapunzel. I think you guys will like them.

I've blew through a HUGE chunk of edits yesterday. All I have left is part 5 and the epilogue. There are some bigger issues I need to fix in part five, in particular the war needs a bit of expansion,

I also did a bit of writing on book two. I'm sitting at just under 2,000 words now, with about 450 for my NaNo goal of 20,000. Just ten more chapters to edit, and then I can blow through writing while waiting for the proof to come in.

I general (yet consistent) feedback that I heard from my beta readers:
Part 1: Okay, interesting world, but I didn't quite connect with Clara.
Part 2: Aww! I like Andrew.
Part 3: Fangirling here. They're adorable together!
Part 5: EEEEEEP!!! That epilogue!

I can't wait until I can share this book with everyone. It will be awesome.

Though, I am a bit scared, too. What if the general populace doesn't like it as much as my beta team did???

This series is my baby. I want it to succeed. I want people to laugh and cry over it, just as I have. Water Princess, Fire Prince is just the beginning of the saga.)

A lit bit of story behind the story. When I wrote Clara and Andrew's first kiss, I was at my aunt's house watching Barbie movies (I used to babysit for them), and my uncle was teasing me about how I was getting so many romantic ideas from said Barbie movies, and he mentioned kissing in particular. I fell out of my chair laughing so hard, because I had just wrote the line "You kissed me!"

Writing's fun.

Oh, and I have my younger cousins addicted to Ilyon now. I know the book's supposed to be New Adult, but it's no worse than many of the super hero movies I see them watching. I told my cousin that he needs to bring me his kindle so I can put Resistance on it.

Kendra out. I need to go do more editing. And write up a reference guide for the end of the book. It'll include a bunch of world building stuff, such as the geography of Klarand, and how the water works, as well as the condensed versions of the previous legends of "Alphego's Hill" and "Through the Mountain."

I might actually write Through the Mountain in full one day. It's a bit of a Joash story.

(Although, I'm slightly disappointed at the fact that none of my beta's caught all of the references to Genesis that I made in WPFP.)


  1. I contributed to that reaction. :D I think people will like it like we do. My sister will, I'm sure. Story Character Chat on the Jorum has done a lot to get her anxious for the book. I tried to convince her to sign up for a review for the blog tour, but she wants her first read to be with a paperback, so she's waiting for me to get mine.

    That about the Barbie movies. Oh my goodness. That's awesome. Timing sometimes.

    I'm excited about that reference guide. The worldbuilding of Rizkaland is so interesting. (And, sorry. I did pick up on some allegorical stuff, but...I guess we were too preoccupied with Clarand...)

    1. I'm sure she'll enjoy it once she gets it. I'm probably going to be pulling Clara and Andrew from the SCCotJ soon and putting Petra and either Laura or Ashley in their place. But fangirling's an excellent way to promote yourself, I've discovered.

      I know, it was perfect. I handed the notebook to him (because this was the notebook draft last year), and he just laughed.

  2. That pretty much sums up my feelings, yep. xD That reminds me, I still need to send you interview questions . . . Dragon's teeth, I need to stop procrastinating on everything. :P
    Also: there were references to Genesis? Now I feel the need to reread the story so I can find them all but I HAVE NO TIME. DRAGON'S TEETH.
    . . . Sorry about that.

    1. The references were mostly in the forms of names, and mostly the patriarchs.

  3. Oh, come to think of it, I did start to notice those Genesis names...but yeah, I was slightly distracted, I guess. Hehe. :)

  4. I noticed some of those names, but didn't realize that there was any significance.

  5. Ah, Kendra, the world will love your baby. So far, we've all loved it to pieces. And maybe, um, silently screamed and fangirled in the bathroom mirror a few times. Or maybe that's just me. #Confessions

    Ahaha, Barbie movies. That's funny. :)

    And the Genesis references... I did pick up on some of them, but... I was preoccupied, like the others said.

    Can't wait for the paperback. My mom won't hear the end of it.

  6. Cute pictures! And huzzah for notebooks. I might have to go snoop out some back-to-school sales... not that I really need any more writing supplies...
    Ooooo, I can't wait to read the reference guide and the condensed legends!

  7. My fantasy world is my baby too, in a way, and even though I've received critique on my work, I never stop writing about it! Keep writing :)

    1. Eh, well, I'm in the later stages of publication at the moment, so there's little turning back now. I can't wait to share it with everyone - I just have those moments of doubt from time to time.

  8. Awk, betas are fabulous. I wish the entire world was as positive as dedicated betas. XD HEHE. Ah, good luck with the last of your edits! I'm on the last third of my book and gahhh, I just want to be DONE SO BADLY. -_- I hate editing. Too much pressure.


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