Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thingishness, Water, and Fire

Greetings, peoples of the internet. Sorry I've been a bit absent this month. I've been busy with work and all things editing related.

First of all - if you look at my sidebar, you'll see two new features - a countdown timer until the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince (as much for me as for anyone else, because I'm notorious for loosing track of time) and a wordcount bar for book 2. As you can see, I'm not far in ... mostly because I randomly decided to start the story over (again) a few weeks ago. It's been brilliant, but word chipping isn't always the greatest bit of fun (especially when my mind is in editing mode.)

Second of all - I drew a map last night!

Not the most glorious thing in the world, certainly not on the level of Middle Earth ... but it's the general layout of Klarand, so far as I'm aware, and I like it. Now to just figure out how to get it IN the book!


  1. Thanks for sharing your map, Kendra; it helps me get a better idea of how Rizkaland (or at least Klarand) is set up.
    Once again, looking forward to visiting this world someday!

    God bless, and happy writing (or editing, as the case may be ;-)),

  2. Once you find out how to get in, call me!

    1. Annnnnd it's in. Actually, I knew how to do it (I've read the instructions plenty of times), I just needed to edit it to give it better contrast and get rid of the gray. Ooh, it's so pretty.

    2. *facepalm* Wow... I'm really getting good at this misreading thing. You wrote, "Now to just figure out how to get it IN the book!"
      And I read, "Now to just figure out how to get IN the book!" As in, how to get to Rizkaland. XD

      Anywayyyy...yay! IT is in the book! (And if you ever figure out how to get YOURSELF in the book, thennnnnnnnn tell me and I'll come join you.) :P


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