Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Update of Sorts

Hi folks! You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much this month as I usually do. But I do think that ya'll deserve something of an update.

Firstly, my NaNo. It's around 44,000 words at the moment, though it will probably be higher by the time you read this, because I'm about to go write some more as soon as I'm done with this post. Plot-wise, I'm about half-way through with the book, and I'm quite happy with it. I'm not sure how motivated I'll be about continuing it once NaNo is over, because there are some other projects that rate higher on the importance list (such as Kingdom, my next short story collection, and two other books one of which I've talked about quite a bit.) I finally got over to my Grandparents house this weekend and discovered just HOW high OpenOffice was counting. I was giving it a 100 word discrepancy, but 1000 is closer to the mark.

And I've started working a real job. Same place where my sister does, a fast food (well known one, so if you want to start guessing, feel free). Though V is getting pretty fed up with the hours they've been giving her, so she's been threatening to leave them to go to someone else, and if she goes, mom says that I go to.

And since I need to go give a back massage to a turkey and pulverize some patatoes, I'm going to leave you with two snippets from my novel that mean absolutely nothing.

Okay, she somehow gets into engineering. I don't know HOW she GETS INTO engineering, I just know that she does. Maybe she uses a sonic screwdriver. And Maryanne, please do not dump a bucket of water on my computer for referencing Doctor Who. I can't afford to buy a new computer. Yes, I know I just got a job, but that doesn't mean that I want to create unnecessary expenses for myself. Yes, I know you don't like Doctor Who, and yes Peter is the best doctor in the world (and not the Peters who have played the Doctor, either – your Peter). Happy now? I was researching, and my online friends have been talking about the 50th anniversary which was the other day, so it slipped in. Now go translate a book. I've got this NaNo to write.

On the bridge, Eric made Robin popcorn. She wasn't quite sure what popcorn was, and I'm not sure how this line got here.
On the bridge, John turned to the hologram there, one corner of his mouth lifted in a half-grin. “So, how are you feeling on your first mission.”


  1. Yay for your NaNo word count!!!

    Hmmm, ok, I'll guess... Burger King? Subway? McDonalds?

    Hahaha- that sonic screwdriver snippet.

    'Give a back massage to a turkey and pulverize some potatoes' - Kendra, that is hilarious.

    1. One of the three.

      During NaNo, if there's a scene that I don't quite know how to write, and I don't feel like making myself figure it out, I leave myself a note. And sometimes I write the strangest things in those notes.


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