Monday, July 23, 2012

Memory Monday - But Without Faith ...

I've gone to Sunday School pretty much every Sunday of my life. I've only missed a few Sundays when I was sick.

Now, for a while me and my younger sister, V, were in two different classes, I a class up from her. Now, in her class, there was a girl named Faith.

One Sunday Faith and her older sister, who was in my class, weren't able to make it to church that day. I think they had gone on vacation to visit their relatives. No big deal.

Now, after my class had let out, I eventually realized that, while I was seeing some of the other kids in V's class, I wasn't seeing V.

So I did the normal big-sisterly thing, and went to investigate.

I found that she was struggling over her weekly memory verse, which is something that her teacher placed greater importance on than mine.

So I did the normal big-sisterly thing, and went over to help her with it.

I took one look at the verse and started laughing. It was Hebrews 11:6. Well, actually, it was only the first part.

"Mrs. J," I said, "We can't please God today, Faith's not here!"

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