Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Children's Museum and More

I am staying at my Aunt Cindy's this week. She took me to a children's museum yesterday. She got a few pictures of me being dramatic - like being eaten by a dragon - and of me in the dinosaur's footprint - which she wanted since neither Vannan nor Joel would sit in when they were up here. It was a really interesting place. I got an purple ooze tube and a small bag of pretty rocks for souvenirs.
Then we went to Mardel's where Aunt Cindy picked up a bunch of things that she needed for when school starts back up - she's a teacher.
Then we came home and waited for Uncle Tommy to come home so we could go to the gym.
After we got home I made spaghetti, which every one thought was really good. My secret, I season it my self - I don't use Ragu.

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