Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gerta and the Geese - Part 3

Gerta suddenly remembered what her Dad always did when he wanted to get the geese to move. She spread her arms out to make herself look bigger and hissed.
One or two of the birds tried to do the same to her. She wanted to jump and run, but she couldn't, the geese had to get home. Slowly, but surely she made her way in a homeward direction.
She did finally make it and as she was locking the gate, she heard giggles behind her. Turning, she saw Hallie.
"I knew you weren't really afraid of geese," the younger girl cried, "I knew it was all an act."
Gerta gave here an icy stare. She was scared. She was shaking. The area under her left eye throbbed!
"Do you know who opened the gate to the goose pen?"Gerta asked after a long pause.
"I thought so,"Gerta said as she turned to leave.
That evening, when their dad arrived home from work, Gerta told him about the adventure of the morning.
"That was very brave of you Gerta," Dad said when she was done.
"I don't think so. I was scared stiff," Gerta argued.
"True courage is not doing something with out fear, rather in spite of it," he explained, giving her a big squeeze, "and Christian courage is doing it with God's help."

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