Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Some Winsome Winners!

So, did everyone have a fun time last week? I certainly did (apart from the running around like a chicken with a head chopped off because I hadn't had sufficient time to prepare).

Of course, I'm sure of you are wondering who won everything. Well ... without further ado.

There was no fanfiction contest, and the Goodreads Group didn't make it to 50 members, so no one will be receiving a physical copy. 

However, for the fanart contest, we have three lovely winners, who will each receive $5 gift card for Amazon and Part 1 of book 2.


Hannah Rogers is the unrivaled winner of the first category (Well, one person voted for my bro, but that doesn't count). 

Alyssa won Creativity, and I won't argue. I love this picture.

We had a tie for Interpretation, so I called in my mom and sister to break it - making the winner Tom Wildrose, whose mock cover is almost exactly what I'd always pictured as the cover when I was first brainstorming it.

You all did lovely work.

Now, for the fanart grand prize which, admittedly, is more of an "author's choice" than anything else.

Reuben and Petra. Their relationship summed up in one picture. I opened this up when Hannah sent it to me and I might have let out a fangirl squeal of my own. She'll be winning a read of part 2 as well, and a boxed set of the BBC Narnia DVDs.

I'll be contacting all of the fanart winners shortly.

And now ... for the grand prize of the full alpha read of book 2 ... the winner is ...


Despite having only one entry (A speculation on Amber of "I bet she's gonna die"), he managed to score the prize. Sierra, since you're his older sister, you can go ahead and just slip him the files, since you won the alpha read in a previous giveaway.

Guess he's going to find out if Amber dies or not!

(Unfortunately, I didn't make it to 100 followers here on my blog, so he'll be the only one.)

Are we good, good!

Now I'm going to go and pin all of the fanart to my pinterest board, because that's what pinterest is for, right?

(Also, comment moderation is back on so I can keep an eye on my comments again)


  1. Wow! Thank you Kendra, and great job everyone!!!

  2. Thanks!! Great job everyone!! :)

    And Hannah, I definitely think that you deserved to win! You are an AWESOME artist!! ;)

  3. Congratulations to the winners! =D

  4. (Side note: I may or may not use the "chicken running around with its head cut off" to describe the situation at work way too often.)

    *applauds all the lovely winners* I think those three were the ones I voted for in the categories I picked, so this is kind of funny. And I loved the Reuben and Petra one, too. If there had been a category for "most perfectly represented" or "made me laugh," that one would've been it.

  5. Thank you, thank you; I'm enjoying my prize already. *Evil grin*

    QUOTE: "...[this] mock cover is almost exactly what I'd always pictured as the cover when I was first brainstorming it."

    *Jaw drops* Wow, really? Cool! ^.^

    Congratulations to the other winners--Kendra has some talented friends!


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